Closing down Week 2

Wow….the first two weeks have gone by quickly.  I haven’t been able to establish a routine as of yet as this week has been a bit crazy.  We had to put our 9 year old yellow lab Toby to sleep on Monday night so we spent the last day with him trying to make him as happy as possible by doing his favorite things. The vet came over at 6 pm and Toby passed away quietly.  It was very difficult on us all.  Also made me realize how tough it must have been on AJ having to put Cooper to sleep 18 months ago when neither Alex or I were in town.  This time all three of us were here.  It was very hard.

The best laid plans were blown up on Tuesday when some major water valve in the basement sprung a leak and sprayed water all over.  Between getting the plumber over, the water company over to find the turn-off mechanism (which AJ had inconveniently buried in a flower bed!) and getting everything working again, it took up most of the day.  I at least got out to the gym – the only thing on my list I seem to be able to get to regardless of everything else going on.  While all of this was going on, I did get the life story of the plumber and why he doesn’t get married again.  Also, continued with the mass clean-up of the bedroom and getting rid of all those work clothes and duplicate clothes I needed in NJ.  So far I have 6 trash bags full and have made one trip to Goodwill with another coming up tomorrow.  Seeing all this stuff leave the house makes me feel great.  A tangible accomplishment but I’m waiting for the fun part of retirement!

Yesterday, AJ had hand surgery so I was at the surgical center most of the day and then once I got him home, getting his prescriptions filled etc.  I did find time to buy a mega millions ticket in my travels however!  So basically yesterday was shot except for a 1 hour walk.

Today, more patient care and a trip to Wegmans which is about 30 minutes away.  I stocked up on some items we can’t get at our regular grocery store.  I really look forward to doing some occasional shopping at Wegmans and Costco.  I will make a trip to the gym today but other than that, I’m not feeling like doing a whole lot so of course I get guilty about that!

The sale of the condo in NJ continues to take up time.  This week they found a small amount of radon so  I’m trying to figure out what to do about that.  Also lining up fire inspections etc and have to arrange moving out.  

To sum up the first two weeks, I’d say that it still feels like I’m on vacation with the feeling that it will be over soon.  I always feel like there is something hanging over my head – worse than when I was working I think.  Between the sale of the condo, medical stuff I need to care for, starting the major cleanup of the house and the whole thing with the dog it has been tough.  I look forward to the time where there is a little less stress and a little more routine but I don’t think that is going to come in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, maybe I’ll try and look forward to the trip we are taking at the end of May.  More about that in another post.




About Cathy Beck

Not working gives me the time to sit in my recliner reading books and watching as many of the 450 hour long scripted dramas on TV as possible. I do get up once or twice a week to see a movie (in a theatre) for exercise. In my mind, it is all justified by writing a blog.
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