Retired in Arizona

After several crazy months of getting our Virginia home ready for sale, putting it on the market and moving to Arizona, I am ready to start blogging again. It has been an adventure. So what is life like as a retired person in Arizona? I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to be quite honest. The weather is very nice but we don’t know anyone here. It is very difficult to pick up and leave a place where you feel comfortable, are familiar with everything and have friends. So the biggest challenge is how do we meet people in a town where we absolutely know no one. It’s a challenge. To complicate matters, we are in transition as we plan to move to a different town once we sell our VA house and the towns here aren’t really close together so meeting a lot of people in our current town probably won’t help us in the long run.

The traditional ways of meeting people are through work, children’s school and activities and church. Since we are retired, have no young kids and don’t belong to any church, we will have to look at other avenues. I suspect it involves joining organizations where we meet people so we will have to find some. We went to one meeting the other night in Scottsdale where we might move but I’m not sure we met anyone that we can have a friendship with. I have been going to the Y every day but have only met my 30 something personal trainer. Guess I could try a class but again, this probably won’t be the town we ultimately live in.

If anyone has any ideas on good ways for a couple of introverts to meet people, I would love advice.

Now that the unpacking is over, we have to find things to do outside the house. We go to the Y every day and run errands and we are going to start doing day trips on Wednesdays. Last week we went to a really neat Olive Farm and got to see how olive oil is made and of course bought some great oil. We have hiked locally (they have mountains and parks inside the Phoenix city limits) the last two weekends. Interesting hikes but there are a lot of people there on the weekends so I’m thinking that we should go during the week. Next Saturday we are headed to some desert wilderness survival training somewhere in the mountains. Clearly my husband’s idea!

AJ is getting cabin fever…me less so. He has finished his little projects like a couple of small patios with plantings in the back along with taking out all the grass and “0-scaping” the back yard. Now he wants to walk or hike every day…not sure I’m up for that.

So, we are at a crossroads trying to find something meaningful to do in a new city and looking for ways to meet people. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


About Cathy Beck

Not working gives me the time to sit in my recliner reading books and watching as many of the 450 hour long scripted dramas on TV as possible. I do get up once or twice a week to see a movie (in a theatre) for exercise. In my mind, it is all justified by writing a blog.
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