Not a Critic

Ok…I’m going to change focus here. I’ve been in AZ for almost 3 years and I find myself doing a lot of what I love most – reading, movies and watching TV. These are activities that I didn’t do a lot of while I was working and raising kids so I’ve been making up for it now. So, while I’m not a critic – nor do I write like one – I do know what I like and why. My tastes are broad – I tend to like things across genres if they are good. So I’ll keep you posted on what I’m reading, what movies I am seeing and the best TV shows around (or at least the best TV shows that appear on my Cox, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.


About Cathy Beck

Not working gives me the time to sit in my recliner reading books and watching as many of the 450 hour long scripted dramas on TV as possible. I do get up once or twice a week to see a movie (in a theatre) for exercise. In my mind, it is all justified by writing a blog.
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