I’m Cathy Beck.  On March 16, 2012 I retired after 28 years with Verizon and 37 years of working.  This blog represents my journey into retirement.  I haven’t really had a chance to plan this phase of my life out so each day will be an adventure.  I have spent the last 37 years being defined by my work.  What will define me now?  Join me as I move into my new phase of life and  attempt to make it fun but meaningful.

I’ve been married to AJ for almost 29 years and we have two children, Alex 25 and Andrew 24.  Our family also includes AJ’s two children by a previous marriage Julie and Adam.  Julie has a 7-year-old girl, Lucy and Adam has a 14-year-old boy Justin.  The last member of the family is our blind and crippled lab Toby.  We hope to see more of everyone in retirement!

Our plan is to move to Arizona after AJ retires later this spring from the government and then go from there.  One of the first things that we’ll have to figure out is how to live together again!  I have been commuting to NJ for the last 6 years.  I left at 4:15 am on Monday mornings and returned Friday night.  AJ kept the place going in VA – the last couple of years with Alex’s help.  It should be interesting being together again all of the time!

We are anxious to hear from others who have retired and what works and doesn’t work.

Please join in!






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